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CPA marketing is the most scalable and ROI-positive way to monetize your website. But it matters which CPA network you choose for your business. Some networks engage in shady practices and are, therefore, unreliable. CPA network at iFly Media is not one of them. Our network has a high satisfaction rating and provides the most advantageous offers in the industry. With us, customers also gain access to many prominent international and local brands. Enjoy our benefits and make your traffic 100% monetized with our CPA marketing.

Advanced Technology

Our CPA marketing is enabled by leading edge technology. We provide customers with exclusive affiliate and internal global SmartLink programs generating links based on the data they search. At iFly Media, you can dynamically include any data related to your requirements or features. You can also use cases or include data related to a currently logged-in user within your SmartLinks. Our advanced technology also gives you full access to real-time reporting and statistics. Most importantly, it carefully protects you from fraud and brings only real, loyal customers to your website.

The Highest Payouts

In CPA marketing, the payouts differ, depending on competition and average commission rates in each vertical. The cost per action for an advertiser is usually determined by dividing the total cost of the marketing campaign by the number of successful actions taken. According to such calculations, the average cost per actions across all industries is around $49, as reported by Google AdWords. At iFly Media, where a partnership with advertisers is strong and long-lasting, customers can boast CPAs up to five times higher.

Worldwide Traffic

iFly Media drives quality traffic to businesses’ website. Our network spreads over 50 counties around the world based on PPL and will provide you with a global community of salespeople. The more traffic we drive to you, the more sales you will make, the more leads you will generate, the higher conversion rate you will receive, and the larger revenue you will produce. Choose to work with our multinational traffic and earn handsome profits with little extra effort.

Professional Helpful Managers

At iFly Media, you will never be left to struggle with your problems on your own. Our professional team of dedicated managers will lend you a helping hand with your business queries whenever you ask for their advice. Every affiliate or advertiser who turns to iFly Media for help is given immediate support and individual approach to his or her problems. Our professional advisors consider it their duty and their greatest pleasure to facilitate the growth of your business. If we work in tandem, we will make certain you will prosper.

Weekly Payments

iFly Media offers highly flexible terms to its advertisers and affiliates and processes payments weekly. It accepts all popular payment methods, among which are Wire, Paxum, ePayment, and WebMoney. We also approach our customers individually, always ready to guarantee that our relationship with them will be constructive and profitable for all parties involved.

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