Capitalize on a variety of benefits and high-converting CPA offers made by iFly Media.

Watch Your Revenues Grow

At iFly Media, people join forces with technology, dividing tasks between the human minds and the machine intelligence. Our human account managers work around the clock, always willing to assist you with achieving your business goals. But you can also ask for help from our automated workforce. Our Skype bots, cleverly designed artificially intelligent programs, will give you frequent and effective feedback on your traffic. They will also guide you through the maze of your account management tasks.

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Real Time Dashboard

Customers at iFly Media can take advantage of a live dashboard, a sophisticated performance tool analyzing, tracking, and reporting on your data in real time. The device carries out these tasks with the help of interactive data visualizations. Your dashboard will be automatically updated and will provide you with instant access to important data. With our help, you will not only free yourself from cumbersome, time-consuming calculations but will also receive high value-added work of data analysis. By instantly accessing all required data and receiving alerts when an anomaly occurs, you will also increase the productivity of your business.

Traffic Optimization

At iFly Media, we also take care of your website optimization, helping you improve those aspect of your website that contribute to traffic and conversions. Traffic arrives from SEO, paid search, paid social, organic social, and other sources, and we will assist you with developing all of them. Our traffic optimization tool will help you figure out how to enhance your website for your specific audience. You will estimate how heavy your website is and how many requests it receives. Equipped with our cutting-edge technology, you will also understand what you need to do to draw as many people as possible to your website and how to make them to convert.